Beck Shoe Products was originally founded in 1902 by William Beck, a German immigrant who settled in Chicago. He started the business in his basement, using his skills as a machinist to create an electric shoe polisher that was superior to anything else on the market. The Beck Shoe Polisher was an immediate success, and Beck’s reputation for quality soon spread throughout the city.

In 1910, Beck moved his business to a larger factory on the north side of Chicago. The company continued to grow, and by the 1920s, Beck Shoe Polishers were sold in every state in the USA. During World War II, the company shifted its production to support the war effort, producing parts for airplanes and other military equipment. After the war, Beck Shoe Polishers resumed production and has been in business ever since.

In 2023, Beck was purchased by Jakel Components of Scottsdale, Arizona. Today, the company looks to continue its tradition of quality shoe buffer products, with an eye toward modernizing its appeal to new audiences and new footwear trends.

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