Thank you for purchasing your Beck Electric Shoe Buffer. For more than 120 years, Beck has been bringing footwear to life. Our quality constructed and easy-to-use buffers compliment your home, office or public setting.

As a new customer, here are a few convenient tips and answers about your new buffer:

      • Please make sure that you fill out and submit your Warranty Registration within 15 days of your purchase.
      • We recommend that you use your buffer daily to remove dust and scuff marks to extend the life of your
      • We do not recommend applying polish to the lambs wool brushes. Polish will mat the brushes and
        shorten the life of the brush.
      • There is absolutely no difference in the color of our brushes. Our lambs wool brushes are died during
        processing and the color is purely aesthetic. They contain no special polishing chemicals.
      • We recommend that you use black or dark gray for dark colored shoes and an alternate color for other footwear colors. If you use polish on your shoes, the buffers may pick up polish and ‘transfer’ if to other footwear. Many customers purchase our brushes in a full array of colors to designate them for specific shoe colors.
      • To prevent personal injury, always disconnect the buffer from its power source before cleaning, moving, or changing buffer brushes. Keep fingers and jewelry away from spinning brushes.
      • Do not alter or misuse the Beck Electric Buffer. These machines are built to precision and any alterations or modifications constitute misuse which will void warranty coverage and may result in serious injury.
      • Do not unplug the machine by pulling on the cord, or carry the machine by the cord. To unplug, grasp the plug firmly between fingers and thumb and pull.
      • Avoid placing buffer in areas containing gaseous or explosive atmospheres.
      • Avoid placing buffer in damp or wet locations. Do not use polisher on wet shoes or while hands are wet.
      • Avoid placing buffer near items which could become entangled in the rotating brushes.
      • Do not allow children to play with the buffer.
      • Do not attempt to make repairs on the unit by yourself.

Again, thank you for purchasing your Beck Electric Buffer. We are confident that you will enjoy your
product for years to come.

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